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NCS – Natural Colour System

NCS – Natural Colour System® is a scientifically based colour system that allows for accurate cross-industrial colour communication for designers and manufacturers, retailers and customers. Since NCS is based on how we perceive colour visually, the system allows you to describe colour on all imaginable surfaces. This has made the colour system a global standard for definition, quality assurance and communication of colour. All surface colours can be described with a NCS Notation.

RAL Color Card

Colours determine our lives – consciously and subconsciously. They give us direction, influence our emotions, act as a means of communication, underline individuality and give us our identity. RAL colours have existed in all areas of our lives for decades and they set the colour standards for clear global communication of colour in architecture, design, skilled trades and industry. Enter into the three RAL colour ranges with over 2,500 clearly specified shades for professional colour design. Find out on our website about our colour collections, our analogue and digital products as well as the latest trends from the world of RAL colours. Let yourself be inspired!

Pantone Guide

Nothing more important than speaking one color language with your team, Customer and supplier. Color guide Stander for different industry Paint, designer, printing, packaging, plastics, textile.

Lab Instrument

we provide several Lab instrument such like gloss meter and thinness level bar applicators and many other for application assuraness .

Dispensing System

Dispensing System according to your need, in plant tinting system or retail shop for high,medium and small shop we have the right solution. special engineer and IT team to create and adopt unique solution for you.

Colorant system

The right color system for the right industries. creating new system, adjusting and providing the right way to start your color system.

Customize Color Chart

Make your own color chart with your own color selection system with a very high color matching accuracy with real color printing  team expert.

Color Matching System

Software and hardware to your team at your facility to help them for achieving the right color matching with speed and accuracy.

Color Learning workshop

The important part in color communication and quality control.  25 years knowledge at your door step. understanding and training for ensuring consistent of your workflow .

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